A smart investment strategy should be focused and restrained. Oftentimes, when investors cast too wide a net, they can waste precious time and funds. Along similar lines, when you commit to a particular investment, you should feel at least reasonably confident about your returns. While there’s a degree of risk involved, it should never feel like you’re gambling and basing your success on luck.

At TriArc Real Estate Partners, we bring more than 80 years of experience to benefit our clients. We focus on investment opportunities for multifamily properties, located primarily in Texas, with an emphasis on Houston and its surrounding counties. By staying focused on this niche, we have become experts in these markets. By combining historic knowledge, due diligence, sourcing, and exit processes, we unlock potential value and maximize operating costs for our investors.

TriArc believes in the effectiveness of a conservative approach to investing. Since Investment opportunities should have a justifiable return on investment, we generally incorporate a three to five year holding period and target high, single digit cap rate with an expected IRR of 18%+. We strive to mitigate risk during the holding period through intense oversight and control of the process from beginning to end. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today.